A Swift flies past a nest box - our fastest bird in level flight! 

Photo Jon Perry

Find out here all about these amazing birds, why they matter, and how you can help them

Though Swifts only spend 3 or 4 months each Summer with us, while they are here they bring spectacular aerial action and excitement to our urban lives!

Swifts breed from Ireland to Beijing, from the Mediterranean and the Middle East right up to the Arctic, and everywhere they are in decline.

But you can help them, and you can do it on your own, or with the help of friends and neighbours, or through your work, and it will give you great satisfaction and save a species from extinction too.

Read on, and have a go!


UK Power Networks Albury Swift Nest Box Team - see our NEWS page
Photo UK Power Networks

2003 to 2023
20 Years of Helping Swifts!

Our Swifts are now over the Congo where they will spend the winter

But they will be back next May!


Our latest Swift tower - it replicates nesting sites Swifts use in ancient
trees in ancient forests in Scotland, Poland, Scandinavia and Germany
Find out more on our NEWS page

Worcester 6 industrial park Swift Column project 2022 51 architects

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are you working at a Swift nest site?
Follow this guidance

 1.  Leave existing nest places undisturbed
 2.  If re-roofing, make new nest access holes to match the
      old ones exactly 
 3.  New build - internal nest spaces are the best
 4.  If you cannot do "3 " above, fit external nest boxes

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The Elizabeth Line workers made and installed their own
Wild Bee and Swift nestboxes at their Tottenham Court Road site

photo Crossrail plc

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