Swift Nestboxes, Towers, Attraction Calls, Artworks .....   All you need!

Use this page to locate attraction calls, artworks, and instruction materials as well as a wide range of nest boxes and nest bricks for setting up Swift colonies.  
Using the Swift calls CD / MP3 will greatly increase your chance of getting a colony going. Please note, while we have experience of some of the products featured, and have found them to be of good quality, we have yet to try out others, so you need to assure yourself that they are going to do the job you want.

Swift Calls on CD

Swift Conservation's Calls CD + Instructions

Swift Conservation's Swift Calls CD

Help Swift Conservation -
every CD & MP3 sold keeps us going!

These calls of nesting Swifts Apus apus recorded at Ulrich Tigges' Berlin Swift Colony should bring in Swifts to check out your nest places. Included are the "upper tones" emitted at 12-13 kHz. The CD has ten tracks, runs for about an hour & we also include a free car window badge!

"The Swift calls CD which we used 2 years ago has worked a treat. Last year the Swifts established their nest-territory; this year they took up residence in earnest. Thank you!" 

Delivery can take up to 14 days. We only supply this CD within the breeding range of the Swift Apus apus

Price by Destination - check your region for the correct price!


Swift Calls in MP3 format

For a tried and tested Swift Calls recording
to use with MP3 players
and SD card players / amplifiers

Swift Conservation's Calls MP3 + Instructions
To receive the download (an approximately 8 minute track) press the "Buy Now" button below. Orders will be fulfilled by e-mail with the MP3 file and full instructions attached
Available from us by e-mail for just £2.00 GBP
Delivery can take up to 14 days. We only supply this MP3 within the breeding range of the Swift Apus apus

Swift Artworks


Swifts and Swallows
shown flying over the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

Limited Edition Giclee Prints from an original oil painting by Alison Ingram
Her unique interpretations of wildlife use bold colour and design to create movement and drama

Large print on paper - image size 20" x 10" Edition of 350  £95 GBP
Small print on paper - image size 12" x 6"   Edition of 350  £45 GBP
UK postage is included

All prints are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity

Order your print by clicking
Please mention Swift Conservation in the "Note to Seller" box when you make your order

A donation will be made to Swift Conservation for each sale via our website

Devil Birds DVD


Derek Bromhall's famous film on Swifts on DVD Just £10!
This iconic study of the world famous Oxford Natural History Museum’s Swift colony was filmed using pioneering techniques over two summers. These observations of the hidden lifestyle of this amazing bird remain unrivalled.

This film gives a valuable insight that’s greatly needed to help further their conservation. This re-mastered DVD version is being sold to both fascinate and educate.

£10 each - Profits will be used for Swift conservation and rehabilitation.

 French-language version now available £10 + postage 

To e-mail an order click on this Swift  Click to Order this DVD!  Remember to add your address! 



"Designing for Biodiversity"
RIBA Publishing - Bat Conservation Trust
A technical guide for new and existing buildings
Kelly Gunnell, Brian Murphy and Dr Carol Williams

ISBN 9781859464915

Practical authoritative guidance and professional architects' drawings form the basis of this fully revised and invaluable work on how to accommodate the essential co-domestic species, Swifts included, in new buildings. In today's environment no architect or developer can afford to be without a copy.
Order your copy from the RIBA Bookshop for £35.00 - click here
Click to Order this Book! 



John Stimpson's
     Plywood Swift Nestboxes

Low cost UK-made plywood Swift Nest Boxes - over 7500 sold!* Two types - £13.00 & £15.00 plus p&p

John Stimpson makes proven (see photo on the left with a Swift chick visible in the box) plywood nestboxes for use under eaves and on walls. Two models: one for under eaves (illustrated) and one with an angled waterproof insulated white upvc roof for use on open walls, supplied as a self-assembly flatpack. The entry hole size should exclude Starlings. They cost £13  & £15 each plus postage.

Add a MDF nest form for £1-00 plus postage - this simple device has been shown to speed take-up time by nesting Swifts by a year!

Both are obtainable from John Stimpson on
01353 740451
or by e-mail (
click here )

including 18 to a site in the South of France where most of them are now occupied!

The RSPB's
     solid wood Swift Nestbox

Low cost UK-made wood Swift Nest Box £29.99 + p&p

This solid wood nest box can be purchased from the RSPB's
online shop
and by calling 0845 1 200 501

Width 46 cm
Depth 18 cm
Height 19.5 cm

This Swift nest box is made from FSC certified softwood, and is a unique design for the RSPB. The entry hole measures 55 mm x 32 mm and is set at one end of the nest box. The easy-access panel on the front makes inspection simple. Fixing screws not included.

Standard delivery to the UK and Channel Islands is £3.95p.
Delivery is 
FREE if your order sub-total is £75.00 or more.
Next working day delivery is available for in-stock items ordered before 1500 to UK addresses - £5.95p
Choose the day delivery is available for in-stock items to UK addresses - £5.95p



Filcris Ltd


UK-made Swift Nest Boxes made from long-lasting recycled plastic plank - available assembled or as flat-packs

Filcris Recycled Materials Ltd. make 2 types of plastic nestboxes, the proven Dutch "Zeist" pattern, for use under eaves and gables, and the new "Cambourne" pattern for use in exposed locations. The hole sizes should exclude Starlings and the plywood floor lining should absorb any excess moisture.
The boxes cost from £42.00 (flat pack) to £53.40 (assembled) including VAT and can be obtained from
Filcris Ltd. The Old Fire Station, Broadway, Bourn, Cambridge CB23 2TA
01954 718327    e-mail:   web:
 Filcris will make up bespoke designs for special situations - ask them for details.



flat pack boxes

A double nest place prefabricated Swift nest box
that arrives flat packed and is easily assembled

Made from recycled foam insulation board, the box weights about 5 kg. E
xternal dimensions when assembled are 73cm long x 22cm wide x 24cm deep. The base plate is reversible, so you may fit the entrance holes outward or wall facing. Each entrance hole  is 65 x 32mm. The box is designed to be fixed directly to an exterior wall. We suggest you seal all joints and lugs with exterior-type "Gripfill" adhesive when assembling to assure the box stays weather-proof in exposed locations. Boxes are shipped flatpack in a double wall recycled cardboard box ( 75 x 27 x 6cm ). Each comes with an assembly manual.

Habi-Sabi also provide a bat box, and three sizes of single bird boxes suitable for a variety of smaller birds such as starlings, redstarts, tits, sparrows & wrens.

Enquiries should be made to




See the web site!

The basic box costs £38.95 including VAT and can be obtained from  e-mail
Manor Farm Business Centre, Manor Lane,
Stutton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2TD       Phone 0844 3510987

A long-lasting wooden Swift Nest Box
made from 21mm Redwood Cedar

Entrance hole: 55 x 32mm. Box measurements Length: 460mm Depth: 180mm Width: 180mm. The front panel can be completely removed for easy access, the roof has a slight incline to quickly disperse water and there are two drain holes in the nestbox floor.
This nest  box costs £38.95 including VAT

High Resolution B&W, Audio and Night Vision CCTV Camera can be installed in this box Please let Gardenature know if you wish to order the box with a built in camera system, both wired and radio-linked types are available. Prices start at £104.95 inc VAT


Swift Nest Brick

Entrance hole 65mm x 38mm
Exterior 145mm high x 325mm wide x 205mm deep
Interior 100mm high x 285mm wide x 165mm deep
All dimensions approximate. Weight about 3.5 kilos

UK-made Swift Nest Brick with multiple facing choices
Innovative lightweight box made from foamed cement, slate and brick. Can be faced
with brick, stone or slate to match the existing surface or provide an attractive contrast.

£65.00 per box
Phone: 01642 724800

EcoSurv Ltd,
21 High Green,
Great Ayrton,
North Yorkshire

Integral Swift Bricks


Above: a Bird Brick Houses Swift brick is shown on its own, and inserted into the eaves of a building, where it is exceptionally discreet.

Bird Brick Houses, Willow Cottage, Harebeating Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1EP

Mobile : 07415 067051  Land line: 01323 849322
e-mail :
Web site:  

This is essentially a moulded plastic box that is faced with brick and inserted into a cavity or solid wall.
The model on the left is designed specifically for Swifts. O
ther box designs are available, housing small to medium sized birds (including Alpine Swift for European users) and most of the UK’s bat species.

The Bird Brick House fits into the outside skin of most 75mm brickwork courses and only protrudes 25mm (Swift box or 65mm) into the cavity. At the bottom there are two drainage holes that allow moisture to drain into the wall cavity.

Slips of matching brickwork are bonded to the front plate, enabling the box to blend in with the host wall. NB the boxes shown above right were selected as a deliberate contrast to the existing brick!

These were used by Swifts at the new Public Library
in Antrim in Summer 2013!

UK-made Swift Nest Brick "Eco Habitat for Swifts"
Discrete and attractive terracotta box ideal for new and restored buildings
under eaves or in high walls - Terracotta & recycled plastic plank
Available in smooth red, blue & cream
Size 326mm x 140mm x 140mm
Product code UNQ.SWIFT01 £POA
Made to order - takes 10 to 14 days
sales 0844 800 4575
design advice 0844 800 4576
technical services 0844 800 4577
literature and samples 0844 800 4578

Ibstock Brick Ltd. Cattybrook Sales Office
Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4BX



Suppliers of
Schwegler Swift Nest Boxes & Swift Bricks
& many other models too

Schwegler's Concise Catalogue Access the concise Schwegler catalogue here

NHBS CatalogueOrder the full NHBS Catalogue here

NHBS    Phone - 01803 865913
mail        NHBS, 2-3 Wills Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5XN UK

The Schwegler Swift Brick 

Concrete Swift Brick (No 25)

Ideal for new-build sites, also useful for replacing lost nest-places in existing buildings, they are fitted into brick, stone or block-work walls, and may be painted to match the wall or faced with plaster or pebble dash to match the existing finish.

265mm wide x 220mm deep x 180mm high £POA 

Lightweight Swift Box Type 1A

The lightweight nesting box is ideal for inclusion in insulation systems on exterior walls. The protruding, righ-shaped entrance enables the box to be easily installed flush with the wall surface, leaving only the entrance visible within the plastered wall finish.

The design makes nest-checking easier for the birds, even if the external wall presents a smooth surface, as they can cling to the exposed lip. No aperture for cleaning is provided  because this is not necessary if the box is occupied by Swifts.

Features:  No cleaning required - Ideal for Swifts - Constructed with breathable Woodcrete™- Backed by a 25 year guarantee

Dimensions: W 340mm x H 135mm x D 150mm (plus 17mm for the protruding entrance ring)

Weight: 2.7kg approx.

Schwegler Model 604 front 

Schwegler Model 604 interiorDelta Box (No 604)

Designed for use inside eaves, on parapets or balconies, anywhere it will be undisturbed. Can be fitted internally with an anti-Starling entrance tunnel. £POA

Schwegler Double Chamber Nestbox 

Single & Double Louvre boxes (Nos 16 & 1MF)

Designed to mimic bell-tower louvres, these are for fixing on or within exterior walls, towers and spires.
Single: 240mm high x 430mm wide x 225mm deep £POA
Double: 460mm high x 430mm wide x 225mm deep £POA

The photo shows the Double Chamber version model 1MF in use on Camden Town Hall at King's Cross.

 Schwegler Eaves Boxes

Eaves Nest Boxes (Nos 17 & 18)

For fitting beneath eaves on domestic houses or any building with sufficiently high and wide eaves
No 17 (on the left) 152mm high x 340mm wide x 150mm deep £POA
No 18 (on the right) 210mm high x 552mm wide x 210mm deep £POA

The photo shows six Swift nest boxes in place on the Bugs House at London Zoo, Regent's Park.



Plastic nest boxes for installation in retro-insulated walls - made in the Czech Republic

Designed for use together with insulation "bats" applied to external walls, and then plastered over to give a smooth finish, these innovative lightweight weatherproof boxes are capable of being fitted under eaves too, and they provide snug nesting space at very low cost.

UK models are fitted with an inner plywood floor lining and a Starling resistant entrance.

We are investigating the possibility of making a flat fronted box of the same material for flush-fitting - we hope to have some news of this soon.


For further information and to place orders:
Please contact: Richard Andel  Marketing Consultant  Elis-Plast spol. s.r.o. 


Link to CJ Wildlife
Vivara Pro


WoodStone ® Built-in Swift Boxes and Bricks

Code 90068
Price: £24.95  G
uaranteed 10 years
Dimensions Width 33cm x Height 19cm x Depth 16cm
Material - Cement and wood fibre mix
Sales: Telephone: 0800 731 2820

Left: Made from a cement and wood fibre mixture this nest-brick is intended for insertion into walls at five metres or above from ground level, in an area providing clear air-space. This box can be opened for occasional cleaning and/or checking in winter.

Link To CJ Wildlife
Vivara Pro

Code 90060   Price: £24.95  Guaranteed 10 years
Dimensions Width 31cm x Height 17cm x Depth 17cm
Material - Cement and wood fibre mix
Sales: Telephone: 0800 731 2820

Left: Made from a cement and wood fibre mixture this nest-brick is intended for insertion into walls at five metres or above from ground level, in an area providing clear air-space. This box once fitted requires no further maintenance, and may be plastered over, leaving only the entrance hole visible.

Two of CJ Wildlife's other swift nest boxes and bricks are below:
Above left: Code 90738 for fitting under eaves £29.95
Above right: Code 90059 for fitting behind walls leaving a 30mm x 75mm slot for Swifts' access £24.95



Stoneyford Swift Towers

Ready-made steel framed Swift towers made in the UK

Designed with the input of Brian Cahalane of the Northern Ireland Swift Group, these towers are manufactured to provide a high-qulaity and long lasting product, that can be delivered to any site in the UK or Europe with ease.

The towers are fitted with automatic Swift call playing equipment to attract the birds to the new nest places.

The photo on the left shows a Stoneyford Tower erected in Warrington in 2013.

For full information please contact:

Stoneyford Engineering Ltd.
17 White Mountain Road,
Stoneyford, Lisburn, BT28 3QZ
tel: 028 92648191 fax:028 92648826



Henry's CCTV

Henry's CCTV Centre

Suppliers of CCTV equipment

Swift Nest Box CCTV Cameras
Henry's CCTV Centre supplies a wide range of cameras and the associated equipment you need to observe and record views of the Swifts in your nest boxes. This way you can see the birds breeding without disturbing them. Very useful for research and educational projects, and you can of course choose either to keep the material private, or to publish it (e.g. on DVD), or to provide live views via a monitor or the Internet.
Henry's CCTV Centre, 404 Edgware Road, Paddington, London, W2 1ED
website Telephone: 0207 258 1831




Snake Inspection Camera & Monitor Kit £135 inc VAT

Link to DogCamSport web site 
Photograph and logo © Copyright DogCamSport 2006

Suppliers of specialised CCTV cameras
CCTV Cameras for Swift nest place inspection
The surest way of finding out if a site is being used by breeding Swifts is to inspect it visually for the presence of their nests and eggshells. This was usually done with a mirror on a stick and an electric torch, but now there is a much better way! Miniature CCTV cameras, mounted on wands and linked to a hand-held monitor provide an ideal method of viewing inside wall crevices and eaves apertures.

NB Such inspections can only be done outside the nesting season (end April to beginning of August) otherwise the birds may desert their nests and abandon their chicks. To do otherwise is an offence under UK and EU laws.

Click on the logo to view the DogCamSport web site.
DogCamSport, The Granary, Little Skewes, St Wenn, Cornwall, PL30 5PS
For advice and sales please call: 01726 891812



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